Prime for Islamic excellence, solving problems, community development, and transformational leadership

By Inspiring, Motivating, & Educating

Quranic Paradigm

Inspiring deep and multi-dimensional Islamic thought, motivating pragmatic implementation of creative solutions in consciousness of God and eliminating transgression and harm.

Prophetic Leadership

Motivating proactive positive change by translating Quranic principles into collaborative, strategic, and innovative thinking and solutions.

Community Development

Training, empowering, and unleashing the next generation as part of succession planning to tackle community issues and social challenges.

Strategies, Solutions & Support

MomintumU: Unlock Islamic Excellence & Leadership

Discover our diverse range of certificate programs, dynamic cohort courses (available both in-person and online), and flexible self-paced courses.

The courses aim to nurture Islamic development (tarbiyyah), empower young Muslims to cultivate a Quranic character & worldview and develop a robust personality primed for problem-solving, community development, and transformational leadership.

Our comprehensive approach equips aspiring leaders, executives, and masterminds with the tools they need to shape a brighter future. Join us on this transformative journey today.

MurabbiU: Develop Your Own Tarbiyyah Program:

Don’t start a halaqa or an Islamic class. True change comes from tarbiyyah. Tarbiyyah connotes nurturing and cultivating character. The best tarbiyyah is the tarbiyyah of the Quran. Build a tarbiyyah (development) program.

Don’t build something that is merely informational, but rather build a program that is transformational in thinking, character, and manners.

Develop not those who simply consume information (or actually sleep through it) but rather develop Young Muslims with deep insights so that they can solve problems under the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah.

Become a Murabbi that develops Young Muslims with uncompromising integrity, spectrum of intelligences, creative initiatives, and positive influence. Read up on our strategy, philosophy, and manifesto here:

Integrate a Community Succession Plan:

Young Muslims are the future of our mosques, communities, and our Islamic organizations. Plan and design a comprehensive solution to foster a thriving and sustainable communities. To ensure long-term vitality and harmony for your community requires us to understand youth engagement, dynamics of change and change management, and inclusive growth. Allow us to help you cultivate a seamless transition from one phase to another, while empowering the younger generation, and adapting to evolving needs. Join us in shaping a resilient future for your community: Join us in shaping a resilient future for your community.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

– Jesse Doe

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