An essential program design to unlock and unleash Islamic excellence leadership through deep Quranic understanding and Prophetic framework.

Inspiring, motivating, educating, & developing next generation of young Muslim leaders and organizations.

Essential Courses Include:


Understanding Juz ‘Amma

Referring to tafhim (understanding) of Juz ‘Amma (the last 30th of the Quran), this course aims to develop understanding of the Quranic objective – What does Allah want from us?


Understanding 40 Hadith Nawawi

Referring to essential hadith compilation of An-Nawawi, this course aims to understand fundamental and foundational pillars of Islam required to to fulfill Islamic objectives.


Tazkiyyat-un-Nafs (Self-purification)

Referring the book Station of the Seeker by Ibn Qayyim, this course aims to build essential character & personality by internalizing Surah Al-Fatiha and following a path of tazkiyyah.


Family building and Financial transactions

Introduction to jurisprudence related to munakhat (marriage and family building), muamalat (financial and business transactions) and other juridical topics that addresses human dealings.


Leadership lessons from the Seerah

This course explores the Seerah to understand leadership personality, intent and decisions, relationships, strategies in community development, etc.


Understanding Juz Tabarak

This course explores and reflects on Juz Tabarak (29th section of the Quran) to understand essential character, practices, and knowledge to teach and propagate Islam.


Understanding Surah Al-Kahf

This course explores Surah Al-Kahf as a means to battle and resist temptations, trials, and tribulations. The reflects on solving problmes in varying circumstances.


Islamic Thought

Provides cursory view of various areas of Islamic academics that comes together to form theology and jurisprudence with the aim of appreciating complexities and connecting with scholarship.


Pay attention to the important things

Refering to the work of Yusuf al-Qaradawi, this course aims to understand Masalih (welfaire) and Maqasid (objectives) to learn prioritization of values, laws, and Islamic prescriptions.

“Successful indeed are those who purify themselves, remember the Name of their Lord and pray.”

– (Q, 87: 14-15)

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