Mastermind Leadership

Level 5 Certificate

Mastermind level aims to generate a mindset where executives have the capacity to come together and solve big problems. Masterminds overcome the competitive spirit to collaborate and cooperate across organizations to attain support, solve real world problems, and determine avenues of building movements.

Mastermind Courses

Righteousness in Trials and Tribulations

Exploring the Lessons and Context around Surah Al-Kahf

The following course explore ‘amal as-saleh (righteous actions) in difficult context. The course will explore solving problems between salah (righteousness) and fasad (corruption) …

Islamic Thought

How do scholars think and navigate?

The course provides a cursory view of various areas of study in Islamic academics that comes together to provide theology and jurisprudence in Islam. A holistic understanding of Islamic science is essential to grasp the complexity and the need to connect to Islamic scholarship for the purpose of preserving religious identity, understanding religious rulings, and navigating complex moral and social dilemmas.

Environmental Ecology

Understanding the Challenges & Context of Young Muslims

The course explores the drastic change in society because of economics (capitalism), social trends (rising nationalism and islamophobia), technology (internet of things), environment (global warming), media (social media, games, entertainment programming), politics, legislations (cannabis issue), and changing ethics (social acceptability of sexual preferences). Students will be required to analyze the ecology in light of the Islamic social framework.

Fiqh of Priorities

Exploring Objectives of Islamic Juriprudence

This course explores Qawaid Al-Fiqhiyyah (Legal Maxims), Fiqh of Masaalih (Jurisprudence of Welfare) and Maqasid Al-Shari’ah (Objectives of Islamic Jurisprudence) to learn prioritization of values, laws, and prescriptions in the Shari’ah. By understanding the concepts that Shari’ah gives priority to, students will be able to make better decisions in regards to their Islamic work and better Islamic decisions in their daily lives.

Community Economic Development

Also called Economics of Well-being

We follow up on Environmental Ecology course to develop solutions in practical and current operations of the world. Students will learn about development, corporations, worker-owned ventures, co-operatives, and social enterprises. Students will investigate and critique our current paradigm of enhancing the quality of community life.