Prime for solving problems, community development, and transformational leadership

Certificate Programs

Level 3 Certificate: Leadership Fundamentals

For Highschool students and older.

This certificate aims to develop a linchpin personality for the Muslim community by exploring leadership under the Islamic social framework through five concepts covered under five courses: ethics, effectiveness, efficiency, excellence, and experimentation.

Level 4 Certificate: Transformational Leadership

Prerequisite: Foundations

This certificate aims to generate strategic leaders and change agents focused on solving social problems, developing people and communities, growing organizations, and building movements. Courses include Ethics 2, Basis of Islamic Jurisprudence, Environmental Ecology, Organizational Behavior, and Project Management.

Level 5 Certificate: Mastermind Leadership

Prerequisite: Level 4

Mastermind level aims to generate a mindset where executives have the capacity to come together and solve big problems. Masterminds overcome the competitive spirit to collaborate and cooperate across organizations to attain support, solve real world problems, and determine avenues of building movements.