Transformational Leadership

Level 4 Certificate

Prerequisite: Foundations

The following set of courses aims to understand how the most balanced (mentioned in Surah Al-Baqarah) and best (mentioned in Surah Ale-Imran) community of the companions emerged from the teachings of the Prophet and the Quran. This certificate aims to generate strategic leaders and change agents focused on solving social problems, developing people and communities, growing organizations, and building movements.

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Community Leadership

Reflecting on Surah Al-Baqarah

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Organizational Leadership

Reflecting on Organizational Behavior through Surah Ale-Imran

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Leadership Initiated

Reflecting on Surah Al-Anfal

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Efficiency and Effectiveness

Art of Getting Things Done

This course examines the role the manager plays in ensuring the efficient operations of organizations. The course explores individual motivation and communication style, group dynamics as related to problem solving and decision-making, organizational culture and change, interdependence of individual, and group and organization task and structure. The course further explores communication that moves hearts, builds coalitions and support systems. The course will cover effective communication, how to get your point across effectively, influence, and art of persuasion. The course further includes on how to write and give sermons and speeches.